Tips for taking care of your pool table


A pool table is quite an expensive investment and like any other fine piece of furniture, you want to retain its beauty and functionality to ensure that it lasts for a lifetime. Here are a few ways to maintain your pool table and keep it in tip-top shape for maximum longevity and playability:

Caring for your pool table starts with prevention of dirt, cracks, sun damage and any forms of mishandling.


No smoking near the table

Allowing cigarette butts and ashes near the table means you’ll soon be shopping around for a new piece of felt.

No drinks on the table

Placing drinks on the rails could damage the wood. Spilt drinks will stain the felt and seep into the table board beneath it. No, you don’t have to be stuck holding your drink when you shoot pool. Get a nice high side-table just for drinks.

Don’t use it as a countertop

Don’t confuse your gorgeous pool table with a mere countertop! It’s not the spot to plop your grocery bags or your briefcase, unless you love shopping for new felt every weekend. Using your pool table as a storage area dirties, stains, and misaligns the table felt. And it’s certainly not a couch, sitting on a pool table can make the rubber rail cushions fall off and can cause the legs and base to move and get wobbly, thus lowering your chances of playing a decent round. Such action can also result in cracked pool table.

Taking care of your pool table:

  • Surfaces can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water or a non-corrosive wood polish.
  • Clean leather pockets with a soft cloth dampened with water or a clear leather cleaner. Do not drag your cue over the leather pocket.
  • Brush your table with the table brush after each play. Using light strokes, brush the cloth from the head to the foot of the table. You should vacuum the cloth on occasion to remove dust & chalk residue buildup under the cloth.
  • Use a pool table cover to protect the pool table when not in use. Covers protect the table from spills, scrapes, light and dust.
  • Do not attempt to move the pool table. Its precision is leveled for its exact position.
  • Do not sit on, climb onto, or try to lift the pool table. This could cause the slate to misalign or put the table out of level.
  • Discourage players from trying high-risk shots like ‘jump balls’. These shots often result in direct cue contact with the cloth, which can cause marks, holes and rips to occur.
  • Store cues in a cue rack or stand that holds them in a vertical position to prevent warping.
  • Balls can be cleaned with a ball cleaner.