Hop on it and make Easter extra special!


Instead of tackling a trip away this Easter, how about you and your loved ones have an adventure and make memories at home. Whatever Easter means to you, we have ideas to keep you and the kids entertained over the Easter weekend and beyond:       


An Easter egg hunt

It wouldn’t be Easter without some Easter eggs and a treasure hunt, whether indoors or outdoors this will surely bring out the laughter in your home and give you a glimpse of the competitive side of your kids.  Create a treasure hunt map and have fun decorating and painting your own eggs.


Have fun in the kitchen

Make and enjoy a meal together. If your children are old enough, get them involved in choosing ingredients, shopping for them and cooking the meal. Even if they play a small part, it's a helpful and positive step for them.

Keep it simple and make use of the gas braai, microwave and oven to make quick and easy meals. Also have fun baking, try making homemade hot-cross buns this year and add a twist to it! Just make sure you have enough fridge and freezer storage for all the food you’ll be buying, especially if you’re having guests over.


Enjoy indoor games and chill time

Dust off your board games, play card games or get sucked in to the latest PS4 or Xbox game with the kids, trust us they’ll enjoy challenging mom and dad!

Allow yourself some time to chill and get stuck into a TV marathon or better yet, get everyone together for a movie night. You can create your own in-home cinema experience with a sound bar or home theatre system.

And if you do happen to be travelling just ensure all the packing and preparation is done ahead of time, an if you’re travelling with toddlers make sure you have a car seat and stroller to make it an enjoyable and stress-free time for everyone.

Don’t let the weekend just go by, whatever you do make it memorable and special and remember to capture every moment on those cameras!