Debunking dishwasher myths


Are you wary of dishwashers? Do you use your dishwasher as a dish rack instead of using it for its intended purpose?

When it comes to the dishwasher we’ve all heard a myth of some sort. But we’re here to burst your bubble and reveal that many of these pre-conceptions aren’t really true. Dishwashers were actually invented to help you – so have no fear we’ve debunked some myths so you can start breathing a sigh of relief!


Myth: Dishes need to be ‘pre-rinsed’ before being washed in the dishwasher

Truth: Dishwasher detergents are designed to remove the dirt on your dishes. So if you wash your dishes without anything for the detergents to remove, it could end up damaging your crockery and cutlery. Without bits of food to attack, the alkaline level, now higher than normal, attacks your dishes, making them appear cloudy and scratched. But let’s be realistic though, don't leave half-eaten bits of food on your plate and put in the dishwasher.


Myth: Using a dishwasher is less eco-friendly than washing by hand

Truth: Washing by hand can consume twice as much water, or even more if you leave the water running. A dishwasher uses a small amounts of water that gets cleaned and reused in the same wash – which is more efficient. Many dishwashers have an eco-wash setting, which saves energy by heating the water more slowly over a longer cycle.


Myth: Shorter cycles saves more energy
Truth: Your dishwasher was designed with different cycles that are geared to tackle certain types of loads. It’s more efficient to group your loads accordingly, to save time and energy. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to additionally wash by hand or run your dishes through another cycle – now that’s a real waste.


Myth: Filling the dishwasher will make it less effective
Truth: Your dishwasher is most efficient when it’s full.  Most modern dishwashers sense and adjust their water spray systems accordingly when they recognise different sized loads.


Myth: Adding more detergent is better
Truth: Too much of anything is never a good. Excess detergent can lead to cloudy dishes and glassware.


Use your appliances properly and you won’t have anything to fear, do your research and read your appliance manuals.