Store like a pro


Regardless how small your apartment is or how large your four bedroom house is, we all need to maximise the space that we have not only to make the home more spacious but more welcoming too. If you’re pondering how to fit more into your cramped cabinets or tired of the clutter around the house, here are tips on how you can store like a pro and save more space:


Make your kitchen easy to cook in

The kitchen is the busiest room of your entire home. It needs to be functional, welcoming and be enjoyable to cook meals and prep for entertaining guests. Maximise space with vertical storage shelving in your pantry, use drawer organisers for dry goods and food storage containers. You can also install overhead pot and pan storage shelves to free up space below your counters.

To keep your fridge organised, transfer food that’s come out of its original packaging in to smaller containers and label it – not only does this help keep the food longer but helps keep your fridge organised and easy to navigate. Remember to also do this for your freezer, stack your meat flat and efficiently. This will this help you organize your freezer space, it'll also greatly cut down on defrosting time. Also make sure you invest in a fridge that’s big enough for you and your family!


A chaos free living room

Have you ever realised your living room and family room get the messiest without even trying? These rooms get the most traffic from friends dropping over, family watching television and you just lying around watching movies and playing games. Maximise space with multifunctional furniture such as ottomans and nested tables that hold video game accessories and coffee tables and TV stands that have drawers and open shelving below. You will love having hidden space when your busiest rooms are packed with people!


Your bedroom should be sleep haven

Your bedroom should be a calming and comfortable haven for relaxation and sleep. This should be a space with the least clutter. Make sure you store out of season clothes in storage containers that you can store at the top of closets. Invest in organisers that separate the types of clothes, accessories and shoes.


Declutter the laundry room

A laundry room has a way of collecting clutter like piles of dirty clothes and it can turn in to a place where you just dump all the stuff you don’t want in other rooms. But we can also keep this room as organised as the rest of the house. Floating shelves are a super simple and basically an instant storage solution for any space. Install one above your appliances to hold all your laundry necessities within an easy reach that isn’t the top of your washing machine or tumble dryer. You can also use your laundry room to store all your cleaning essentials, hang a rack behind the door to use even the tiniest spaces to your advantage.