Helpful tips to expand the lifespan of your home appliances and electronics


Appliances and electronics are major workhorses that we hugely depend on to keep our homes running smoothly. But we often take it for granted that our food is preserved, the dishes will be spotless and those clothes in the washing machine will come out clean.

It’s inevitable that your appliances and electronics will break down one day and you’ll be faced with the decision to repair or replace. However there are things you can do to help prolong the life of these items. Well maintained appliances and electronics can last up to 10 years or longer if looked after correctly.

Follow these appliance and electronics maintenance tips to ensure that they are kept in good working order:

Read the manual

Every new appliance or electronic comes with a manual, read it carefully. This is where you’ll get the advice from the manufacturer on proper care maintenance and cleaning. Follow these suggestions to get the most life out of your appliance or electronic, and also remember that some warranties may be voided if you ignore the manufacturers advice on care and operation.

Keep it clean and in use

It’s important to keep your appliances and electronics clean and to use them regularly. Appliances and electronics that aren’t used regularly tend to malfunction sooner. This doesn’t mean you need to abuse or overuse them, as they’re made of delicate components and electrical parts.

Watch out for signs

Pay attention to the signs of damage and wear and tear of your appliances and electronics. It’s critical to pay attention to signals they give off when distressed. Many home appliances and electronics conk out before their time because we continue to use them after they make strange noises, emit smells or work inefficiently.

Paying for the little repairs when they arise will help prevent you from having to purchase a brand new unit in the long run. Always replace basic parts like filters or gaskets when the time comes. Some appliances and electronics may need parts replaced once in a while and you can find information about that in your user manual. 

Spending hours pouring through reviews and trying to find a reputable repair service is also tedious. Why not pre-empt these unforeseen circumstances with a little foresight? Investing in a comprehensive maintenance plan will end up being easier and costing you less should you have any issues with your appliances and electronics.

Pay attention to your appliances and electronics need for maintenance to ensure they last longer. Find out more information on the Teljoy Easyfix Maintenance Plan to protect you from these costly repairs and give you the peace-of-mind to know that you have assistance in keeping your home units working.