How to avoid being ripped off for repairs


Whether it’s a broken refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine, it takes time to research the problem, find a repair person, get parts ordered and then hope it all goes right without you getting ripped off. Here are some tips to ensure you avoid getting ripped off in the process of getting your appliances and electronics repaired:

Do your research

First, review the warranty information in the owner’s manual. Some parts may be covered under the warranty. If your warranty has expired, start by asking for recommendations and looking for reliable appliance and electronic repair services – always compare ratings and reviews from online resources.

Get estimates from multiple companies before entering into an agreement with the first one you find.

Look out for red flags

As much as you’re desperate to get your appliances and electronics back up and running again, be skeptical of anyone who knocks on your door and offers to make repairs to items in your home. Don’t ever feel like you’re under pressure to make an immediate decision, no repair company should rush you but you should be allowed to ask questions and do your homework. You should also be weary of companies that accept cash only. Some reputable companies will offer a cash discount but they’ll also accept cards. The other benefit of paying by card is that it gives you documentation and a recourse if something goes wrong and you have to stop payment with your bank. 

Remember a cheaper repair price doesn’t necessarily mean they will do the best job. Elevated labour and parts costs may be added to the costs later.

Retain all information

After you’ve hired the repair company make sure you keep record of all invoices. The invoice should describe work completed and list all replaced parts. The more documentation you have, the better protection you have in case things go wrong. Also ask the company to keep the broken spare as proof of replacement.

Invest in a Maintenance Plan

Having your appliances and electronics covered with a maintenance plan will mean that you won’t have to stress about finding a repair service when they unexpectedly give you issues.

For example, with Teljoy’s Easyfix Maintenance Plan, a low monthly premium will cover labour, a call out fee, spares and give you the peace of mind as all repairs will be done by an authorised repairs agent. Teljoy Easyfix will assess and repair the item in your home, alternatively, if the repair is not able to take place in your home the items will be transported to the repair centre for you.

The Easyfix Maintenance Plan is flexible and the cost of the package is customised according to the appliances and electronics you as the customer choose to cover. The more you cover the bigger the discount on your monthly premium, and you also have the option of taking out a loan unit while yours is in repairs.

Follow these tips to make your next repair easier to deal with!