Celebrate family love this Valentine’s Day


The month of love is upon us! Tradition says to shower your sweetheart with chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t have to be a day to celebrate only your partner. Turning it into a family affair means both young and old are invited to share love together in fun ways.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be about giving gifts, creating spaces at home that encourage the family to reconnect is equally important. By rearranging your furniture in different ways to have quality time together, you can start new family traditions that will last beyond February.

Have a great time with the family by trying out these new furniture arrangements for your home.

Break bread together

It’s time to get everyone around the dining room table and away from the TV. After everyone’s had a busy day, eating dinner together gives family members an opportunity to catch up on each other’s highs and lows. Encourage all distractions to be removed whilst you’re all in one room. That means the TV in the background is switched off and cell phones are placed out of earshot.

Play together, learn together

Families that play together, learn together. Why not turn your spare room into a family friendly recreational room? As your family’s size and dynamics change, so too can your furniture arrangement in this designated play room.

For the littlies, make an area with all their favourite educational toys. This will allow you to keep a close eye on them while they’re kept busy. Older children and teenagers might prefer a space with comfortable chairs and ottomans where they can relax, read and play games. This will get them out of their rooms and bond with other family members.

Have a movie date together

Ever gone on a family date? Now is the perfect time to try it out with a movie night at home. But just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to watch a soppy romance film together!

Try find something for the whole family and then get everyone involved in turning the living room into a cosy movie den. Pull couches and chairs together in front of the TV screen and load up the coffee table with popcorn, sweets and cooldrinks.

Press play and enjoy the time together.

Create special moments with the family this Valentine’s Day and throughout the month of February with these fun furniture arrangements.