Should you repair or replace a broken appliance or electronic?


When the fridge goes warm or the washing machine stops spinning, you may face a crucial question: Is it worth spending time and money getting it repaired, or would it be wiser to replace it?

In most cases, calling a repair company is the answer to your question. It’s estimated that repairing is usually about 20 to 30 percent of the cost of replacing. Repairing is not such a bad idea as you can get your appliance or electronic up and running at a lower cost and save you the time of having to shop and compare prices.


Know the life expectancy

As a homeowner with appliances and electronics it’s important to know the longevity of these items. This will assist you when the item goes faulty and you’re going back and forth trying to make a decision between replacing or repairing. For example dishwashers can last up to 9 years, refrigerators 13 years and washing machines up to 10 years. So when your appliances or electronics are nowhere near the end of their life expectancy, then it may be better to repair.


Ask the right questions

Before making a decision to repair or replace there are a few questions you should ask yourself.  Is it really broken? The problem could be the plug, a tripped circuit or outlet. Has it given you trouble before? If your appliance or electronic has always worked well, it’s probably better to fix it instead of replacing with something new. 


Call an expert

Alternatively take the hassle out of all appliance and electronic repairs and invest in an Easyfix Maintenance Plan. A low monthly premium will cover labour, a call out fee, spares and give you the peace of mind as all repairs will be done by an authorised dealer.