How to make 2018 the year you finally keep your new year’s resolutions


January is always a time to reflect over the past year, and make commitments to ourselves for the year ahead. Whether you’ve promised yourself that you will lose a little weight, be super organised, declutter your life or clear your debt, these new year’s resolutions are often forgotten by many of us by February.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track with your new year’s resolutions, from budgeting better to finally getting started on that hobby you’ve been thinking about for years.


Set a budget, and stick to it!

By new year’s day it feels like weeks, instead of just days since that pre-holiday December pay day. And the end of January, with its promise of income that will be spent more wisely, still feels like a lifetime away. It’s about this time that you’ll vow never to let your spending get so out of control again – only to purchase that absolute must-have item in a January sale moments later.

But the fact is that the cost of living is high, even without any extravagances, so it’s essential to set a monthly budget to ensure you are living within your means. Lay out your monthly costs (there are many downloadable apps for this, or simply make a list or spreadsheet, including food, petrol, all monthly debits, and other necessities). If there’s anything left over, try to set some aside each month just for fun, because you never know when a rainy day may hit. Saving should become second nature in 2018.


Beware of debt

If you need a new washing machine, fridge, or any other household appliances, but you overspent in December (as so many people do), then consider rent-to-own with Teljoy. Big ticket items can come at a cost, but when you need them you’re left with very little choice but to replace them.

Teljoy’s rent-to-own model ensures you avoid the debt trap, offering you a month-to-month agreement on most household items and electronics that you may need, with the option to take ownership at the end of the pre-determined period. The added benefits that you will enjoy as a Teljoy customer (which you wouldn’t have budgeted for initially either) is delivery and set-up of the unit in your home and risk cover, so no need to add to your personal insurance. As this is a month-to-month agreement, you’re not locked in - allowing you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel the agreement and return the unit at any time should your financial situation change.


Practice healthy habits

Aside from being better with finances, perhaps the most popular resolution of all is to be healthier – to eat better, exercise, drink lots of water and look after ourselves.

Get outside and get walking, jogging, and cycling (if you own, if not, borrow a bike). You don’t need an expensive gym contract to be active. And while you’re getting your exercise, you’re not spending money on anything else you might have been doing with that free time. Likewise, don’t opt for the convenience of eating out or ordering a takeaways when you can cook a healthy meal yourself


Get your hobby on

Now is the time to start that hobby you’ve always dreamt about. Take that first step towards making it happen, whether it’s buying the first of the kit you need to get started, trying out a free or inexpensive course, watching online tutorials, or asking a friend or relative to teach you a skill you’d love to learn. Just don’t blow the budget all at once, only to end up with a cupboard full of guitars, sewing kits, and gadgets that rarely see the light of day. The key is to just get started and see how you go. But above all, have fun and be proud of your accomplishments.