Kitchen appliance trends for 2018


There’s something chic and modern about simple, quality appliances in the kitchen. And while it seems every week there are new inventions designed for the kitchen, trends are determined by both look and functionality.

These are our top kitchen trends to follow if you want to start your new year the right way.

Keep it chilled
An ice maker is the ultimate appliance for ensuring guests’ drinks are kept cool. With a stainless‐steel finish and a removable ice bucket, this little gadget looks great and will be used throughout the hot months. Once winter hits, the ice maker can be packed away out of sight until next summer.

Not only is the ice maker easily portable, it can be easily used by the whole family. You no longer have to wait for ice trays to freeze and all melted water is re‐frozen so there is never any wastage.

Cut the grease
If you’re thinking about your new years’ resolutions, you might have added healthy eating to your list.The air fryer allows you to continue eating delicious meals such as roasts and fish and chips, and without the oil and fats that usually accompanies them.

Without grease there is no mess, which means the air fryer is easy to clean. It is also small enough to store away when not in use. It’s great if you have small children, as it cancels out large hot exterior surfaces such as stove plates or gas burners.

Blend it, baby
It’s not often that kids enjoy all their fruits and vegetables. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be eating them. With a Nutribullet, you can transform all those ‘yukky’ plants, seeds and nuts into fun and tasty creations.

For a healthy meal‐on‐the‐go, quickly blend together different fruits with yoghurt or milk to create a hunger‐busting smoothie. You’ll be able to whip up desserts and dips easily for those parties, without a lot of time for preparation or clean‐up. For the winter months, the Nutribullet will enable you to make a variety of healthy soups to keep you warm.

Jump for java
With a semi‐automatic coffee maker, you’ll be able to customise your drinking preferences according to your mood. You can choose from five different espresso based beverages depending on what you feel like. Perhaps an espresso to give you that early morning wake‐up call or a cappuccino for an afterdinner treat with dessert.

Small and lightweight, a coffee maker is a perfect addition to the kitchen of any budding coffee enthusiast.
Keep your kitchen trendy in 2018 with these sophisticated and user‐friendly appliances.