Homeowners’ guide to the new year


While healthy eating and more exercise might be on your personal to-do list for the new year, your house also needs a maintenance list to keep it in good shape.

If you have experienced any major repair or replacement costs this year or you’re trying to avoid such inconveniences, it’s a good idea to create a maintenance calendar. This will help keep your home on track on a six-month and annual basis.

Consider this guide our New Year’s gift to you, and the first resolution to add to your list.

Short-term maintenance

It’s a good idea to check and clean your gutters and drains every six months due to the cyclical nature of trees shedding leaves. Allowing foliage and dirt to collect in these areas is not only a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but can lead to leaks and long-term water damage.

If you live in an area prone to borer beetle or other pest infestations, wooden furniture and doorframes should be checked every six months. You can buy a light pesticide from your local hardware store or call in a pest removal company to avoid any serious damage.

To prepare it for a long summer of extensive use, your air conditioner will need a little maintenance TLC. Hose down the outside unit and take apart the interior unit slowly, checking for and wiping away any moisture and dust build-up. If there is any serious damage, call in an Easyfix technician to resolve the problem.

Long-term maintenance

After the windy and rainy season has passed, wash down the exterior of your house with a hose. This will help the paint to last longer and bring out its lustre. If you have an allergy-sufferer in the home, this dust-busting solution will help keep their allergies at bay.

Clean and oil window and door hinges annually, particularly if you live by the coast. Salty sea air and any kind of moisture will slowly corrode metal and cause rust to appear if it is not washed away regularly.

At least once a year, climb onto the roof and check the tiles to ensure all are in place and that the wooden battens have not begun to rot from water seeping through. As with clogged gutters, not sealing the roof correctly will enable water to pool and eventually leak through the ceiling.

Turn-off the refrigerator and dust or vacuum down the metal coils at the back of the unit. Check the seals by placing a piece of paper between the door and the fridge. If it is easy to pull out, your fridge might need to be resealed by a professional.

Look forward to a fresh start and clean home by following this guide throughout the new year.