In 1969 when the Americans landed on the moon, you could buy $2 for R1. South Africa was a "rich" country but it was one of the very few places in the world where you could not watch the event on television - there was no service. Whilst our poorer neighbours watched the event on TV, we were "relegated" to listening to the radio.

It occurred to Theo Rutstein, the founder of Teljoy, that if TV came to South Africa it would be a fantastic business to be in as he estimated that there would be a demand for some 2-million sets and meeting that demand would create an exciting business opportunity.

Teljoy was launched in September 1969 with a campaign in the major Sunday newspapers promoting the fact that if and when TV came to South Africa, the demand for sets would exceed the supply and many people would be forced to watch programmes at friends and neighbours because, due to scarcity, they would not be able to get their own set in time for the initial broadcasts.

The adverts caught the imagination of the public at large. Within one week, Teljoy had received over 5000 responses and within a month, that had grown to over 30 000.

Rutstein was summonsed to Parliament to explain why he was pre-empting their decision to allow TV broadcasting in South Africa. Six years later, television broadcasting was finally introduced to South Africa.

Teljoy installed the very first set in South Africa in December 1974 at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Gideon Meyer, who had signed a contract six years before the inaugural trial broadcast! Teljoy was the first company in the country to supply TV sets commercially.

A few decades later, Teljoy still offers fantastic benefits in rental and Rent-To-Own options, and has added kitchen appliances, gaming and computers to their wide range of products. For small to medium sized businesses, Teljoy also offers Audio Visual solutions for meeting rooms.

The benefits of Rent-To-Own, which set us apart from any other company selling televisions, audio visual equipment and kitchen appliances, are as follows:


  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • On-site service
  • SABC television licence
  • Risk cover for accidental damage or theft
  • Option to upgrade – or downgrade – at any time during the contract period
  • Ownership of the appliance after 36 months


As a prudent consumer you want the latest Audio Visual and Kitchen appliances in your home or office. With fast changing technology, Teljoy is the better way to get the things you want, especially if you are not prepared to lay out such a large amount of cash at once. No deposit, no long term debt lock-in. Upgrade or return it at any time. All this, and the option to take ownership too! Now that's the BETTER way to get the things you want.
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